Summer 2014      Issue 16



Mayo Transform
September 7-9, 2014
Rochester, MN


Epic's 2014 Users' Group Meeting
September 15-18, 2014
Verona, WI


Philips Connect2Care 2014

October 7 - 8, 2014

Phoenix, AZ


9th Annual Georgia Healthcare Trade Faire & Regional Conference
October 16, 2014
Atlanta, GA


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When it comes to healthcare IT, data security, convenience, and ease of use are mission critical.  Search HealthIT recently reported on a study of over 15,000 public and custom apps which concluded that, "number one in healthcare was Cisco® AnyConnect® solution." Cisco AnyConnect technology enables mobile users to easily and securely access the applications and information they need to do their jobs using their mobile device of choice, including laptops and handhelds such as Apple iPhones.


Cisco WebEx® solutions came in second place in the study of more than 6000 organizations.  Cisco WebEx solutions, which feature on-demand collaboration, online meeting, web conferencing, and videoconferencing tools, are widely used for remote education, along with clinician-to-clinician and clinician-to-patient communications.


The Power of the Consumer Never Greater, Especially in Healthcare

Barbara Casey, Senior Director of Health Care Business Transformation at Cisco, was recently interviewed about trends in healthcare innovation and technology that can help provide the right care, anywhere, anytime.  Watch as Barbara Casey discusses the power of healthcare consumers to make informed decisions about care plans as well as the power of providers to use data to deliver personalized medicine and easily transparent care coordination. Watch the videos:

The New Health Care Consumer

How Innovative Health Care Tools Can Engage Patients

Coordinating Care Across the System

Healthcare Innovation


University of Virginia Center for Telehealth Providing Timely Access to Specialty Medical Services

Using video and remote medical equipment, the University of Virginia (UVA) Center for Telehealth provides basic medical examinations and services in 40 specialties, including psychiatry, cardiology, pediatric specialties, child neurology, orthopedics, and genetic studies.

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Introducing Touchscreen Desktop Video Collaboration: The New Cisco DX70 and DX80 Endpoints

Dazzle your clinicians with the new Cisco DX70 and DX80 touchscreen video endpoints. With a sleek and intuitive design rivaling the smartest of smartphones, the Cisco DX70 and DX80 are something special to behold.  They provide enterprise-grade, multi-level access security, best-in-class HD video, unified communications telephony compatibility, along with instant messaging, email, web browser, Cisco WebEx, and Android applications. Both at price points that will delight you. Set up takes literally minutes. You really need to take a look.

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Southern Illinois Healthcare Standardizes on Cisco Unified Data Center Environment

Southern Illinois Healthcare recently migrated its data center to a virtualized environment built on Cisco Unified Computing System™ (Cisco UCS®) blade servers. The servers balance simplicity with performance and density while running applications from MEDITECH, Lawson, and other critical solution providers.  The virtualized environment promotes greater use of clinical applications, improving patient services.

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Houston Methodist Accelerates into Future of Wireless

Houston Methodist has seen an exponential proliferation of wireless devices and applications. “Today, we can see 10,000 wireless devices on our network at any given time,” says Armand Stansel, director of IT infrastructure services at Houston Methodist. To service such a high volume of wireless traffic, Houston Methodist recently implemented Cisco wireless solutions. “That means the physician can present detailed radiology and CT scans, MRIs, and even four-dimensional modeling on a laptop or tablet at the patient’s bedside, as soon as the patient is awake and alert,” says Stansel.

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Adapting to an Evolving Healthcare Environment

Less time spent on systems administration means more time to focus on services and future growth. Mountain States Health Alliance reduced IT problems by installing an infrastructure capable of handling updates, scaling, and ensuring security while providing visibility into the network.

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